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Overdrive Accelerate!

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1.  Kick Into Overdrive pt. 1  Febuary 26, 2007


 2. Kick Into Overdrive pt. 2  Febuary 26, 2007


 Andrew Hartford uses his wealth to create the Overdrive Trackers and forms the team of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. He picks Dax Lo, Will Aton, Ronny Robinson, and Rose Oritz to be the Power Rangers. Later, he adds his own son, Mack Hartford, to the team. The team is now on the Operation : Operation Overdrive!

This start of a new season was great!!!


3. The Underwater World   March 5, 2007  6

Will isn't working with the team. Mack tries to encourage Will that he can't work alone.

This wasn't really the best episode because choosing the Temple Ruins as a scene wasn't really that good. Also, Will wasn't really acting like how he was suppose to in the Sub Driver.


 4. Heart of Blue  March 12, 2007  9

 Dax gets his attention on a girl named Mira he saved. Later, he discovers her true form which is Miratrix and finds out that she is also after the jewels

This episode was great!! But, why would Miratrix have to use her human form?? Can't she just steal it when she sets a trap for the rangers to battle? Also, it was wierd how it didn't really show how Will came down of the building.


 5. Weather or Not  March 19, 2007  10

Mack doesn't think he belongs on the team. When the team is stuck in an avalache, Spencer loads up videos of them. Thier not worried, thier relaxing. Right then, Mack knows that his destiny is the red ranger. He uses the Drive Drill to break in and save the rangers.

This was a good episode since the Drill Driver arrived. But, why would the Truck Driver go to the cliff? Shouldn't he go the other way?


 6. Pirate In Pink  March 26, 2007  9

When the rangers search for the Eye of The Sea, they meet a ghost pirate named "Brownbeard". Brownbeard is also looking for the Eye of The Sea. Later, he goes into Rose's body to have her be a pirate as "Rosie The Bold". It turns out that the Eye of The Sea isn't the jewel the rangers are looking for. But, it seems like the Lucky Pearl is.

This episode was good with the Miratrix in the opening and the appearence of the Shovel Driver. But, Brownbeard didn't really have to turn invisible when he had the Eye of the Sea.


 7. At All Costs  April 2, 2007  10

Ronny thinks that she can win anything. She challenges Mack to a race but Mack looses. When the rangers return home, she's already on the second level on her videogame. After that, no one wants to play with her. Andrew announces to the rangers the new weapon "Drill Blaster".  He askes who wants to test it and Ronny volunteers. Mack and Ronny test the Drill. Mack fails and so does Ronny. Andrew looks for something powerful enough to activate the "Defender Vest". Moltor has a contest to see which Lava Lizard is the strongest so he can turn them more powerful. Moltor gets the Dragon Scale and the rangers go after it. Mack calls the Mixer Driver (which acually belongs to Dax). Later, the Defender Vest is finally activated and the rangers use the "Drill Blaster & Drill Blaster Reverse Mode".

I loved the episode. But, how come Mack called the Mixer Driver when it acually is owned by Dax? How he called the main zords were nice. Also, the Defender Vest and Drill Blaster is a nice weapon. I also liked it how Will wanted someone to defeat the monster when Mack & Ronny were fighting on who should use it.


 8. Both Sides Now  April 9, 2007  10

Andrew fires Will in order for him to go undercover to find where the Hou-ou bird is. Andrew gives Will a Teleportation Blast to make it seem like the rangers will be defeated. Will sneaks in to steal the machine in order to release Kamdor. Kamdor gets released by Miratrix. Kamdor still thinks Will is not trustworthy and must proove it to him. Later, Andrew tells the rangers the truth. Will joins the rangers side again. Will vs. Kamdor, The Rangers vs. Miratrix & Big Mouth. The rangers get held back by Big Mouth. Miratrix follows the Hou-ou bird and finds the parchment.

I loved it how Will morphed by sliding his Tracker on the sword!! This episode might be the greatest yet. Also, what happened to Moltor & Flurious? They haven't been showing lately.


 9. Follow The Ranger  April 30, 2007  9

 Moltor & Flurious work together to capture the megazord. Moltor releases the Beast Machine & The Dragonizer to bring the megazord down. The rangers eject the megazord, except for Mack. Mack is captured and is guarded by Norg. Mack gets the chance to get Norg to blab some stuff out. Mack finds out that Moltor is mad at Flurious because when they were little, Flurious broke Moltor's Red Sled. Also, he found out that Norg's name is short for No-oo-oo-oo-oo-rg. Mack manages to escape and get the megazord back. The rangers come together to form the Super DriveMax Megazord.

This was just kind of a normal megazord. But for the cell, they copied Grumm's Cell on the episode "Endings pt. 1" from Power Rangers SPD. Also, they needed to show kids w/ the little red sled. They should of used Skip & Johnny for that. Skip & Johnny still hasn't appeared!!!


 10. Lights, Camera, DAX  May 7, 2007  8

Dax finds a job as an actor. Andrew declines for him to go. Dax practices in the masion and is caught by Rose. Rose encourages him to go. Mr. Hartford didn't say that Dax couldn't do the audition so Dax goes. Rose tells him "Audition for the part and when you get the part, say no." Dax heads to the audition and without auditioning, the director finds someone. Dax talks to the director and the director says he's not the one. Dax starts to walk away but the light is falling on the director. Dax saves him and the director hires him. Dax must face ninjas that fell from the sky in the audition. While the rangers battle, Rose covers for Dax. Later, Dax realizes that his destiny is a Power Ranger. He quits the job and goes into battle. When Dax leaves, Kamdor attacks the set. He turns the ninjas into dark ninjas. Dax uses the Transtek Armour to defeat the monster and to battle Moltor & Kamdor. Later, Dax & Rose must face consiquences. They have to wash the bathrooms in the masion. Dax says "That isn't so hard" and Mack says "My friend, you don't know how many bathrooms there are here". Spencer says "27 to be exact".

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There has been alot of times where a Power Ranger goes off somewhere and do something when the rangers need them. Later, they realize thier a Power Ranger. So I take off 1 point for that.

Also, The Director said so fight the ninjas and then pick up the item. But, he tries to pick up the item while fighting. So another one off for that.


 11. Face To Face pt. 1  May 14, 2007  10

Andrew introduces the Sonic Streaker to the rangers. Moltor asks Tyzoone for help. Rose, Dax, and Mack head off to London to see Professor Rowan. The rangers might be leading to the second jewel. Mack realizes that Tyzoone is a good person because he tried to save the woman. He is not like the other goons. Mack follows Tyzoone and Tyzoone tells him to stop. Later, Mack & Tyzoone combine the maps and they're stopped by Lava Lizards.

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This episode was probbaly one of the best. But why does Disney copy it from every season? Each next ranger has to be evil first or serve the dark side.


 12. Face To Face pt. 2  May 21, 2007  9

The rangers team up with Tyzoone to stop Moltor.

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 13. Man of Mercury pt. 1  May 28, 2007  9

The Fearcats arrive to search for the Corona Aurora. Tyzoone returns to help the rangers battle The Fearcats. Later, Tyzoone is turned into his Mercury Goo & The rangers must find a way to turn him back.


 14. Man of Mercury pt. 2  June 4, 2007  ?????

Tyzonn is turned back into normal and fights with the rangers when The Fearcats return. He morphs into the Mercury Ranger with his activation call : Overdrive Accelerate! He uses his Drive Detector.


 15. Behind The Scenes  June 11, 2007


Tyzonn can't morph after Miratrix gave him something.


 16. Just Like Me  June 18, 2007  ?????

Tyzonn tries to copy Will.


 17. It's Hammer Time  June 25, 2007  ?????

Ronny impersonates Goddess Freya to tempt Loki.

 18. Out Of Luck  July 1, 2007  ?????

An enchanted compass brings bad luck to the Red Ranger.


 19. One Gets Away  July 8, 2007  ?????

Ronny impersonates Goddess Freya to tempt Loki.


 20. Once A Ranger pt. 1  ?????  ???
 21. Once A Ranger pt. 2  ?????  ???

An enchanted compass brings bad luck to the Red Ranger. Mack is captured by Thrax while searching for a powerful sword.


 22. One Fine Day  ?????  ???

 Tyzonn and Rose are stuck in a force field.


 23. Our Favors Granted  ?????  ???



Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive - Volume 1: Brownbeard's Pearl box art

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive The First Volume : Brownbeard's Pearl

Release Date : September 18, 2007

Episodes In This Volume :

1. Kick Into Overdrive pt. 1

2. Kick Into Overdrive pt. 2

3. The  Underwater World

4. Heart Of Blue

5. Weather Or Not

6. Pirate In Pink


Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive - Volume 2: Toru Diamond box art

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